Andreas Dudas

The road to your Legacy of Impact

Are you yearning for the next dimension of your greatness?

Enjoy deep self-fulfilment
Find your clear purpose
Bequeath something Great to humanity
Positively shape the future
Leave an epoch-making mark
Arrive after a long Odyssey


The formula for success

Purpose + Courage + Action = Legacy of Impact

Andreas works with entrepreneurs to find their unique purpose. Their innermost mission. The most powerful driver, the strength of which they can draw upon to move mountains. The basis for their new dimension in greatness and fulfilment.

He works with them to clearly orient their inner compass. To unleash their full courage to leave all their limitations behind them and go all in.

He helps them turn their purpose-driven vision into a momentous legacy.

Legacy of Impact.
A legacy that will last for generations. Something meaningful that deeply moves people. Something that will make the world of tomorrow a better place.

Start your journey

Discover your legacy

From emptiness to purpose and vision:

Andreas uses his successfully proven method for clearly recognising unique potential to find your purpose. Your unique meaningful goal that unleashes enormous strength. Your mission for which you are willing to go all in. It is with this absolute clarity that you will develop the vision of your Legacy of Impact.

Think beyond what you have known to date. In an inspirational session, Andreas will open your eyes to the next dimension of your greatness and fulfilment.

You lay the foundations for your momentous Legacy of Impact. In a six-step process using intuitive and systematic methods, Andreas works with you to discover your innermost mission. To get to the heart of things. Until you find your purpose – and experience a crystal-clear focus on the next dimension of your greatness.

Your legacy takes shape. Andreas shows you inspirational possibilities offered by previously realised impact projects. The next dimension of your greatness comes within reach. At the end of the process, you will have a first draft of your legacy vision that will transform the future.

Design your legacy

From vision to feasibility:

How will you breathe life into your legacy vision?
With Andreas’ guidance, you will use an extensive feasibility study to weigh up ways to implement your vision and determine the best option for your visionary impact project. For your legacy, which will make the world of tomorrow a better place. From a vague concept to a specific one. From something overwhelming to something feasible.

You will work with Andreas to further solidify your purpose. With 100% commitment, unlimited courage to go all in and a new understanding of greatness, you will use the initial legacy vision to develop specific project ideas and alternative approaches to your impact project.

Andreas will have a project-specific team of experts conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to assess the ability to implement the project options and their return on impact.

  • Project analysis
  • Cost estimation
  • Assessment of technical and organisational feasibility
  • Expense planning
  • Time schedules
  • Initial look at legal considerations
  • Evaluation of the best option
  • Determination of the return on impact
  • Selection of the team through an assessment
Realize your Legacy

From feasibility to implementation:

Realise your Legacy of Impact. Andreas will use his extensive expertise from decades in top management, transnational mediation and the management of major projects worth billions to oversee everything with a crystal-clear focus on the successful realisation of your impact project.

Projects of this size have an incredible change dynamic. Andreas shares his extensive knowledge of change management with your project team through a range of training courses. He supports the experts and project managers with professional advice during the early stages of the project and throughout its implementation.

By controlling the project through quick wins and early risk management, a smooth project flow and team drive are ensured throughout the implementation. There is a joint desire marked by dynamism and immense energy to achieve the end goal: your Legacy of Impact.

  • Definition of clear milestones, deliverables and quick wins during the planning phase
  • Identification of further experts from Andreas’ network and integration into the team
  • Risk supervision
  • Identification and resolution of potential conflicts with internal and external stakeholders
  • Quality controls and evaluation of the project progress
  • Assessment of project requirements, changes and potential effects

Andreas acts as a mentor, sparring partner and problem-solver to support you with any challenges you face throughout the implementation stage – even over the course of several years. He directs your inner compass towards 100% focus and clarity; towards the immense power and fulfilment of your Legacy of Impact.

Next Level Impulses

How do you create your legacy of positive impact from the immense power of your true purpose? Receive inspiration from Andreas directly by email.