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Andreas’ mentoring is based on close cooperation, a crystal-clear focus on the desired goal, the respectful treatment of others, and empathy. Andreas accompanies a carefully selected customers on the road to their life of significance and Legacy of Impact.

For this reason, the non-binding initial meeting always takes place face to face. During this inspirational meeting, he opens the door to your potential greatness and develops initial ideas about your Legacy of Impact.

You will meet Andreas in an elegant but cosy environment, such as the place that gives him strength, his home; in one of the finest Swiss hotels; on a picturesque mountain pasture with spectacular scenery all around; at a social impact project or in another location of your choice anywhere in the world.

Your first step

Imagine living your life with newly unleashed levels of energy, implementation strength and self-fulfilment by simply doing what moves your heart. A legacy that you will develop from the power of your purpose to sustainably make the world a better place.

How would you like to start thinking about this next dimension of your greatness right now?

Get in touch with Andreas and take the first step towards realising your legacy.

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How do you create your legacy of positive impact from the immense power of your true purpose? Receive inspiration from Andreas directly by email.